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Welcome to DungeonLords.com, a sanctuary for enthusiasts of the Dungeon Lords game and the broader universe of fantasy RPGs. My name is Justin (DobbyFreeElf in the forums and blog posts), and I’ve dedicated this space to celebrate the rich tapestry of role-playing games that have enchanted us from the golden age of gaming to today.

My RPG Journey

My journey through the realms of RPGs began with classics like Zelda, Shining Force, and the Lord of the Rings RPGs, extending through to the strategic depths and intricate narratives of games like Dungeon Lords. Although my days are now largely occupied by the joys of parenting four children and professional commitments, my passion for RPGs endures.

From pixelated adventures to expansive open worlds, Dungeon Lords is your go-to source for everything RPG. Our dedication to the genre is reflected in our detailed reviews, nostalgic retrospectives, and engaging content that celebrates the evolution of role-playing games.

The Inspiration Behind Dungeon Lords

DungeonLords.com isn’t just about revisiting the past; it’s about actively engaging with the present and future of gaming. While my personal playtime may be limited, I remain deeply connected to the pulse of the gaming world, committed to bringing you the latest news, updates, and insights.

Our Vision and Mission

This site is a collaborative arena, showcasing the talents and knowledge of our community. From guest posts by die-hard gamers to highlights of epic gameplay, we’re here to share and celebrate our collective experiences. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the world of RPGs, DungeonLords.com is your gateway to epic adventures and communal celebration.

Join us as we delve into dungeons, battle dragons, and uncover treasures. Together, we’ll keep the spirit of Dungeon Lords and all fantasy RPGs vibrant and alive. I may not always be at the controls, but through this blog, I strive to be your guide and fellow adventurer in the ever-expanding universe of fantasy gaming.

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