The Cleric Spell List: 100+ Essential Spells for Every Situation

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Spells of the Divine

In the world of fantasy RPGs, clerics are revered as powerful healers, defenders of the faith, and conduits of divine power. Whether you are an experienced cleric seeking to expand your repertoire or a novice adventurer learning the sacred arts, this comprehensive guide is designed to equip you with the most essential spells for every situation.

From healing and protection to offensive and utility magic, these 100 spells will ensure that you are prepared to face any challenge that comes your way. Welcome to “The Ultimate Cleric Spell List: 100 Essential Spells for Every Situation,” your definitive resource for mastering the divine magic of the cleric.


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Healing Spells

  1. Cure Wounds: Heals minor injuries and restores a small amount of health.
  2. Healing Word: A quick prayer to heal an ally from a distance.
  3. Mass Cure Wounds: Heals multiple allies within a certain radius.
  4. Regenerate: Gradually restores lost limbs and health over time.
  5. Healing Circle: Creates a circle that heals all allies within it over time.
  6. Revitalize: Instantly heals a significant amount of health to a single ally.
  7. Life Transference: Transfers the caster’s health to an ally.
  8. Restoration: Cures diseases and neutralizes poisons.
  9. Mass Restoration: Heals and removes status effects from multiple allies.
  10. Rejuvenate: Provides a burst of healing energy that also reduces fatigue.

Defense Spells

  1. Shield of Faith: Surrounds an ally with a shimmering shield that boosts their defense.
  2. Holy Barrier: Creates a magical barrier that blocks physical and magical attacks.
  3. Sanctuary: Envelops the target in a protective aura, making them harder to hit.
  4. Divine Protection: Increases resistance to damage for a short period.
  5. Ward Against Evil: Creates a zone that repels evil creatures and curses.
  6. Aegis of Light: A protective shield that reflects damage back to attackers.
  7. Blessing of Fortitude: Temporarily boosts an ally’s endurance and resistance to status effects.
  8. Sacred Shield: A barrier that absorbs damage and converts it into healing.
  9. Guardian Spirit: Summons a protective spirit that intercepts attacks.
  10. Holy Aura: Bestows a radiant aura that reduces incoming damage for all allies within range.

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Attack Spells

  1. Holy Smite: Calls down a bolt of divine energy to smite an enemy.
  2. Sacred Flame: Engulfs the target in holy fire, dealing radiant damage.
  3. Divine Wrath: Unleashes a powerful blast of divine energy.
  4. Blinding Light: A flash of light that damages and blinds enemies.
  5. Judgment: A powerful attack that deals extra damage to evil creatures.
  6. Heavenly Strike: A melee attack infused with divine power.
  7. Sunbeam: Projects a beam of sunlight that burns and blinds enemies.
  8. Smite Evil: Deals massive damage to evil-aligned creatures.
  9. Spirit Hammer: Summons a spectral hammer to attack enemies.
  10. Divine Fury: Channels divine power into a powerful area-of-effect attack.

Utility Spells

  1. Detect Magic: Reveals the presence of magical auras.
  2. Purify Food and Drink: Removes poisons and impurities from food and drink.
  3. Bless Water: Transforms water into holy water.
  4. Speak with Dead: Communicates with a deceased being.
  5. Create Food and Water: Conjures food and water for sustenance.
  6. Find Traps: Reveals hidden traps in the area.
  7. Divination: Provides guidance and insight into future events.
  8. Augury: Predicts the outcome of a specific action.
  9. Commune: Allows the cleric to speak with their deity for guidance.
  10. Glyph of Warding: Sets a magical trap to protect an area.

Resurrection Spells

  1. Revivify: Brings a recently deceased ally back to life.
  2. Raise Dead: Resurrects an ally who has been dead for a longer period.
  3. Resurrection: Fully restores a deceased ally to life and health.
  4. True Resurrection: Revives a deceased ally without any drawbacks.
  5. Ancestral Recall: Summons the spirit of a deceased ally to provide guidance.
  6. Life Renewal: Brings an ally back to life with full health.
  7. Spirit Call: Calls back the soul of a recently deceased ally.
  8. Divine Breath: Breathes life into a dead ally, reviving them.
  9. Eternal Rest: Ensures a peaceful afterlife for the deceased, preventing resurrection.
  10. Holy Rebirth: Rebirths a deceased ally in a divine form with enhanced abilities.
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Buff Spells

  1. Bless: Increases the attack and defense of allies.
  2. Aid: Boosts the maximum health and morale of allies.
  3. Holy Strength: Temporarily increases an ally’s strength.
  4. Divine Grace: Enhances an ally’s agility and dexterity.
  5. Righteous Might: Enlarges and empowers the caster.
  6. Heroism: Imbues an ally with bravery, increasing their combat abilities.
  7. Celestial Guidance: Increases the accuracy and critical hit chance of allies.
  8. Divine Power: Enhances the caster’s physical abilities.
  9. Angel’s Blessing: Grants allies temporary flight and increased speed.
  10. Heavenly Fortitude: Increases allies’ resistance to damage and fatigue.

Debuff Spells

  1. Curse: Reduces an enemy’s abilities and luck.
  2. Bane: Lowers the attack and defense of enemies.
  3. Silence: Prevents enemies from casting spells.
  4. Blindness: Temporarily blinds an enemy.
  5. Weakness: Reduces an enemy’s strength and agility.
  6. Confusion: Causes enemies to become disoriented and act randomly.
  7. Doom: Curses an enemy with impending misfortune.
  8. Petrify: Turns an enemy into stone for a short period.
  9. Holy Shackles: Binds an enemy in place with divine chains.
  10. Mind Break: Temporarily reduces an enemy’s intelligence and wisdom.

Summoning Spells

  1. Summon Celestial: Calls forth a celestial being to aid in battle.
  2. Guardian Angel: Summons an angelic guardian to protect and heal allies.
  3. Divine Beast: Summons a holy beast to fight alongside the cleric.
  4. Spiritual Weapon: Conjures a floating weapon that attacks enemies.
  5. Avatar of Faith: Summons an avatar of the cleric’s deity for assistance.
  6. Holy Steed: Summons a celestial mount for travel.
  7. Elemental Summon: Calls forth a holy elemental to fight.
  8. Seraphim’s Aid: Summons a seraphim to provide support and healing.
  9. Spectral Guardians: Summons ghostly guardians to protect an area.
  10. Heavenly Hosts: Calls forth a host of celestial beings for a short time.

Control Spells

  1. Turn Undead: Forces undead creatures to flee.
  2. Command: Issues a single-word command to an enemy.
  3. Hold Person: Paralyzes a humanoid target.
  4. Zone of Truth: Creates an area where lying is impossible.
  5. Calm Emotions: Quiets strong emotions in a group of creatures.
  6. Repel Evil: Forces evil creatures to retreat.
  7. Divine Command: Compels a creature to obey the cleric’s orders.
  8. Holy Word: A powerful word that banishes evil creatures.
  9. Sanctify: Purifies an area, making it hostile to evil creatures.
  10. Celestial Chains: Binds a creature with chains of light, preventing movement.

Restoration Spells

  1. Greater Restoration: Removes all negative effects from an ally.
  2. Lesser Restoration: Cures one condition affecting an ally.
  3. Cleanse: Removes all curses from an ally.
  4. Neutralize Poison: Purges poison from an ally’s body.
  5. Heal: Fully restores an ally’s health.
  6. Remove Curse: Lifts a curse from an object or person.
  7. Purify: Cleanses an area of negative energy.
  8. Mend Wounds: Heals minor injuries and closes wounds.
  9. Revive: Awakens an unconscious or incapacitated ally.
  10. Renewal: Refreshes an ally, restoring health and stamina.

Protection Spells

  1. Circle of Protection: Creates a circle that wards off evil creatures.
  2. Holy Ward: Shields an ally from magical attacks.
  3. Sanctified Ground: Blesses the ground, creating a safe zone.
  4. Spirit Shield: Calls upon spirits to protect an ally.
  5. Divine Armor: Bestows a suit of holy armor on an ally.
  6. Sacred Ground: Consecrates an area, making it hostile to evil creatures.
  7. Holy Protection: Grants resistance to damage and status effects.
  8. Celestial Aegis: Creates a protective shield around the cleric.
  9. Divine Guard: Summons a guardian spirit to protect an ally.
  10. Radiant Shield: A shield of light that blocks and reflects damage.

As you embark on your journey as a cleric, remember that mastering these spells is just the beginning. Each spell in this comprehensive list is designed to equip you with the power and versatility needed to face any challenge, whether you are healing your allies, protecting the innocent, or vanquishing evil. Dive deeper into clerics to discover the full potential of your divine abilities and become the beacon of hope your party relies on.

Unleash the true power of your cleric and let your light shine in even the darkest of times.


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